• Structure
  • Measurements
  • Team Alignment
  • Customer Alignment
  • Orchestrated Performance


Your Customer Strategy Needs Structure

One of the key things lacking for many companies is structure. They don't have a common language for their customer strategy.

Our structure allows companies to get centered and aligned so they can spend time on improving their overall customer experience.

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How Do You Measure Up? 

Find out how your customer strategy compares to your peers.  Our diagnostic services measure an organization's CAMMI Score; an overall maturity measurement of the organization's customer strategy.

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Team Alignment

Is Your Team Aligned?

Are your sales and marketing teams working well together or do they have different agendas?  When you miss your revenue forecast do you know what really caused it? Does your sales team have to work harder because marketing isn't delivering enough leads to feed the pipeline? 


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Customer Alignment

Are You and Your Customer Aligned?

It is critical to get your organization aligned with your customer's buying process. If you aren't aligned it's hard to manage the sales process effectively and win their business. 

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Orchestrated Performance

Orchestrated Performance means taking control and not leaving things to chance; understand what to do, measure how well you do it today and improve the areas that are holding you back.


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Member Focused

Our solutions are delivered by our members. They are the subject matter experts in their field and use the CAMMI Framework and Diagnostic tools as part of their customer projects.


A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is at the heart of any successful customer strategy. It is hard to execute effectively and efficiently when your customer data is sitting in multiple systems and not availble to the people that need it. If you haven't touched your CRM solution in a few years it is probably time to optimize or replace it. Our approach is the best place to start for any CRM project. It identifies the relative maturity of the elements of your customer strategy and helps prioritize the areas that need attention. Once you understand your current state and desired future state you are in a better position to determine if you have the right technology to meet your needs today and in the future. 


The business needs are just as important as the technology needs. It is important to understand the current state with our solutions and then create a clearer vision for the future state in order to improve your overall customer experience. The business needs are often overlooked when companies embark on a CRM project but failure to understand the business needs will lead to a failed implementation project. For companies that are focused on people or process improvement, we help identify the key needs of the organization so you can prioritze them over things that are working well. No matter what initially drove your need to improve revenue, it is important to consider both the business and technology needs of the organization.