Mike Paradis - Founder/Owner

Mike ParadisMike is passionate about developing organizations which accelerate and sustain growth by managing customer value-exchange.  In fact, he devoted the past 15 years of his career to that single leadership objective. During his career, Mike and his team have systematically researched, defined and tested every aspect of an organization’s ability to maximize customer value. 

Working with large and small organizations from all industries made it possible to isolate the core and common relationship capabilities.

Mike’s dedicated effort has produced patent pending business models, processes and technology, including the CAMMI Model, Buy/Sell Alignment, Building Customer Framework and Growth Diagnostic.

After earning his degree in Finance and Economics, Mike became fascinated with the buying process.  This desire to understand and predict buyer decisions led Mike to the data analytics industry.  In a multidimensional environment, he enjoyed modeling and complex decision structure, eventually leading to the CRM industry, where everything started coming together.

Joining GE in the 1995, Mike was one of the first members of a new customer relationship management team.  Through GE, he became involved in hundreds of customer facing solutions nationally. Through these engagements, Mike maintained a personal framework detailing each customer’s successes and challenges. Mike was eventually named Executive VP of the CRM Business, where he led a team of 80 consultants for GE, establishing offices in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, LA and Minneapolis.

In late 2001, Mike received a call from a long-time client and friend, leading to a partnership with the late W. Duncan MacMillan, of Cargill.  The partners founded BenNevis Inc., and designed the organization to provide growth strategy consulting based on Mike’s growing model and framework.  Later, Mike founded Demand Chain Systems Inc. to deploy customer-facing technology solutions and more recently, CAMMI Logic LLC to deliver business relationship capability diagnostics.

Mike holds certifications and training including, Six Sigma, Consultative Selling, Solution Selling, Customer Centric, GE Business Integration and Balanced Scorecard.  During his tenure with GE, Mike was nominated four years for the prestigious General Electric Circle of Excellence Award and was the recipient three times.  Mike speaks on various topics related to customer-driven growth and has written numerous articles and whitepapers.