Company Overview

CAMMI Logic was founded in 2009 by Mike Paradis. Funding was provided by and a small group of investors.  In 2015, Demand Chain Systems acquired the outstanding shares of CAMMI Logic, providing needed autonomy and resources for leading edge innovation.  

CAMMI Logic provides a framework, knowledge, technology and diagnostics exclusively for our members and their clients.

Catapult your Success

A catapult is a mechanism used to launch something. Normally this refers to launching a projectile at an enemy. While we don’t build physical catapults to launch projectiles at your competitors, we do provide a mechanism to launch your company to new levels of success. 

Mike Paradis - Founder/Owner

Mike ParadisMike is passionate about developing organizations which accelerate and sustain growth by managing customer value-exchange.  In fact, he devoted the past 15 years of his career to that single leadership objective. During his career, Mike and his team have systematically researched, defined and tested every aspect of an organization’s ability to maximize customer value. 

Working with large and small organizations from all industries made it possible to isolate the core and common relationship capabilities.

Mike’s dedicated effort has produced patent pending business models, processes and technology, including the CAMMI Model, Buy/Sell Alignment, Building Customer Framework and Growth Diagnostic.

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