Optimize CRM – How to Get Your Salesforce to Use Your New CRM System

People are by nature resistant to change. Anytime people meet with change in their lives, their usual reaction is to balk, to become wary, and to remain suspicious about this change until something happens to set them at ease and reassure them that this change is good. As much as people reiterate that "change is good," it takes a lot of reassurance before most people will accept changes, especially significant ones. This is why, when you try to implement a new customer relationship management (CRM) program into your business, it's important to get your sales staff on board. If you really want to optimize CRM, it helps if your staff is enthusiastic about the change instead of suspicious.

There are various ways to encourage them to welcome the change instead of fighting against it. It definitely helps if you are able to ask for their input about which program to choose, and if you can involve them in the process, then they'll feel less like this change is being foisted on them and more as though it's their choice to implement it. You can show them how certain programs can be customized so that you can optimize CRM results for your specific company, and that could help them to see the value of such a program.

It's also a good idea to allow them access to the new CRM anytime and from any place. By allowing them the time and opportunity to really get used to the system you're putting in place, you'll help your sales staff not to feel rushed and forced into implementing the new system. Instead, they'll be able to take it at their own pace. As an added bonus, having 24/7 access to the system can optimize CRM by allowing your staff to respond instantly to queries and to send out information in a more timely manner.

Finally, another great way to make your sales staff feel more comfortable with the implementation of a new CRM program is to offload the burden of data entry. If you have to hire a temp or two to input all of your contact lists, it's worth it not to hear your staff complain about data entry. Ultimately, a temp or two working full-time will be faster than your entire sales staff simply entering data whenever they find a moment. And it'll optimize CRM by giving them more time to focus on sales without having to worry about data entry.