Undercover Boss or Business Assessment Tool

UndercoverBossIf you have seen the hit CBS TV show Undercover Boss you already know the premise – a boss of a major corporation changes their appearance and goes undercover their own company to find out how things really work and what can be done to improve the company.   That is one way to get a few people’s perspectives on how things operate and what can be done to improve the company but is it the best way?

The approach in Undercover Boss has merit if it were done correctly and not for reality TV.   The boss does get firsthand experience working in the lowest levels of the company.   He or she sees firsthand how things operate and how a few workers feel about how things operate.   The people the boss encounters are dealing with customers directly and understand their customer’s issues and how the company can better address them.   They also see how the company’s processes may be getting in the way of meeting customer’s needs.  

However, for most companies this approach isn’t even possible.   For one thing, in most companies everyone knows the boss and has frequent interactions with them while doing their jobs so going undercover isn’t really an option.   So how can leadership teams understand how to improve their company?    

The answer is assessment tools.    Business assessment tools allow any organization to gather feedback from their teams so they can improve how the company operates.   Business assessment tools provide an anonymous way for team members to provide their feedback on the company.   The business assessment provides leadership teams with objective and measurable results that identify the real limitations of the company.    These limitations are the things that are really keeping the company from realizing its potential.   Once the limitations are identified they can be prioritized and eliminated.   

The reason that many companies fail to realize their potential isn’t that they aren’t doing anything; it’s because they are doing the wrong things.   By using business assessment tools they can identify the key priorities based on feedback from the people on the front lines with customers.   And by using business assessment tools the boss can avoid having to put on a wig and fake mustache.