Competencies Explained

CompetenciesFour key foundational competencies underpin the model. These competencies are incorporated into each category and capability.  Competencies are not always readily apparent in an organization but through our model and framework we have established that a pattern exists that we can measure.  The organizational competencies tend to reflect the leadership of the organization.  An understanding of the competencies leads to a unique understanding of an organization’s key strengths.

The four competencies are explained in more detail below. 

Strategic Clarity

Strategic ClarityStrategic Clarity includes the ability to capture market and customer insight to define your company's strategic value proposition and align the organization to carry out this vision. Prioritized strategic initiatives and tracking mechanisms ensure alignment and performance.

Fact Based Planning

Fact Based PlanningFact Based Planning includes analysis to effectively segment your markets for prioritizing your go-to-market activities and the related plan/budget for allocating resources.

Proactive Learning

Proactive LearningProactive Learning includes the ability to collaborate effectively with your strategic customers to understand their objectives and proactively revise your methodologies to meet their changing expectations and capture the new value exchange.

Consistent Execution

Consistent ExecutionConsistent Execution includes defining shared work processes and training employees to consistently target, acquire and maintain a loyal customer base. Clearly defined expectations and in-process activity measurements ensure consistent execution.