Past Projects

The CAMMI Framework and Diagnostic solutions work for companies in many industries and of all sizes. The common denominator is that each company was looking to improve revenue. Some started by looking to replace their technology and improved their customer strategy as part of the implementation process. Other companies started by looking to improve their processes. Here are a few past projects that our members completed with their clients. This is just a sample of a few projects that have been completed so far.

Global Hearing Instrument Company leverages CAMMI Diagnostic

In an effort to maintain the mindshare of independent distributors this company was looking to deploy a new selling approach, and support it with CRM technology.  They had many decisions to make in a fairly short period of time and were struggling to establish agreed upon priorities.  The partner leveraged the CAMMI Diagnostic to gather the feedback from the various internal team members and provided the results back to the Leadership Team.   They leveraged the insight to determine the best approach for implementing the new sales approach in the company’s CRM solution.  The organization successfully deployed the business and technology changes and continued to use the framework for planning and benchmarking, ultimately expanding its use internationally.

Member Projects

These are some of the companies that have leveraged the CAMMI Framework and Diagnostic through a past project with one or more of our members.