Past Projects

The CAMMI Framework and Diagnostic solutions work for companies in many industries and of all sizes. The common denominator is that each company was looking to improve revenue. Some started by looking to replace their technology and improved their customer strategy as part of the implementation process. Other companies started by looking to improve their processes. Here are a few past projects that our members completed with their clients. This is just a sample of a few projects that have been completed so far.

Minnesota Manufacturer Selects New CRM Solution

Project Overview

Demand Chain Systems (DCS) completed a project to help a Minnesota based global manufacturing company replace an outdated CRM solution. 

DCS was selected to get various sales teams aligned on their capabilities so they could come to a common understanding and approach for the selection and implementation of new CRM solution. Many company team members in various divisions and roles completed the diagnostic. The results were compiled within days and two facilitation sessions were completed with the client team to deliver the results and create a maturity baseline for the organization. 

The project resulted in a common understanding of the organization’s capability maturity by division and a roadmap for CRM deployment consistent with their maturity. The clear understanding and roadmap allowed the steering committee to gain approval for the selection and implementation of the new CRM solution. The company selected as their CRM solution for these divisions.

Benefits of the CAMMI Diagnostic and Framework

Client Benefits

  • Consistent structure - a common language across all the various divisions and departments
  • Team alignment - the business and technology teams were able to all get on the same page about their needs
  • Quick results - the diagnostic project was completed in less than two weeks
  • Cost effective - the project cost was much less than other consultants proposed
  • Succesful deployment - the structure and alignment led to a successful Phase 1 implementation of

Member Benefits

  • Structure was a differentiator - they won the project partly based on the structure they brought to the project
  • Cost effective - diagnostic allowed them to gain strategic insight without investing so much consulting time
  • New CRM implementation project - the results of the selection project led to a new CRM project with a key partner,

Member Projects

These are some of the companies that have leveraged the CAMMI Framework and Diagnostic through a past project with one or more of our members.