Past Projects

The CAMMI Framework and Diagnostic solutions work for companies in many industries and of all sizes. The common denominator is that each company was looking to improve revenue. Some started by looking to replace their technology and improved their customer strategy as part of the implementation process. Other companies started by looking to improve their processes. Here are a few past projects that our members completed with their clients. This is just a sample of a few projects that have been completed so far.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Selects New CRM Solution

How to select the right CRM vendor fast

This case study is reposted from the Demand Chain Systems (DCS) website.

With over 200,000 employees and hundreds of offices throughout the U.S., Wells Fargo Home Mortgage has become the nation's top residential lender.

Sometimes it's hard for a company this big to move fast, but speed was exactly what Wells Fargo needed when it decided to implement a new CRM system in the summer of 2010.

At the time, the company had over 11,000 customer service agents using ACT! The application was loaded individually on the agents' desktops and supported by a team of specialists in Minneapolis and Des Moines. A planned company-wide migration to a centralized Microsoft Exchange Server platform in early 2011 meant the ACT! system would have to be replaced, since integration between ACT! and the new Microsoft platform was inadequate, especially when it came to integrating with Outlook, which all 11,000 agents used.

Obviously, selecting a new application platform for 11,000 users would be a major project. Requirements definition, vendor evaluation, testing and piloting, vendor selection, development and implementation for some companies, this can all take years. That was a luxury Wells Fargo couldn't afford.

Luckily, Demand Chain Systems knows how to shave weeks, even months, off the process. DCS partners with CAMMI Logic, the leader in customer capability modeling, and licenses the firm's unique CRM Diagnostic and Deployment Framework. The CRM Diagnostic is an online assessment tool which quickly and efficiently collects input from multiple internal stakeholders; identifies and aligns teams on what to fix first and why; and leads to an actionable roadmap for moving forward.

Twenty Wells Fargo customer service agents and managers completed the diagnostic. The objective results, completely free of office politics, uncovered the requirements Wells Fargo needed to move forward with vendor selection. DCS then quickly identified a list of seven vendors that were worth a look, including, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NexJ, which specializes in financial services.

Next, DCS helped Wells Fargo craft a detailed RFP; Wells Fargo focused on data security and infrastructure requirements while DCS focused on CRM and process requirements. Once Wells Fargo reviewed and scored the RFP responses, the list of seven was narrowed to four vendors, who were invited to make day-long presentations. DCS prepared a script the vendors had to follow to ensure they addressed the RFP requirements in an identical fashion. DCS also provided an online scoring tool that Wells Fargo used to rate the vendors in real time.

When the field was reduced to two vendors, DCS created another script to help Wells Fargo test the vendors' pilot applications. In the end, Microsoft Dynamics emerged as the winner, both for its features and its Outlook integration.

The entire process took less than five months, a remarkably condensed period for a large company facing a major IT implementation. Wells Fargo credits DCS's ability to streamline the assessment process and remove the emotions and politics typically involved in such a complex undertaking.

"DCS helped us be more nimble and move much faster than our size might suggest," says Randy Schwichtenberg, e-Business Systems Consultant. "Working with DCS, we kept our eyes on the ball and focused on the right things at the right time. In the process, we shaved months off the project and saved a lot of money as a result."

Member Projects

These are some of the companies that have leveraged the CAMMI Framework and Diagnostic through a past project with one or more of our members.