How Do You Measure Up? 

Find out how your customer strategy compares to your peers.  Our diagnostic services measure an organization's CAMMI Score; an overall maturity measurement of the organization's customer strategy.

The CAMMI Score is comprised of capability maturity, the prioritization in the model and alignment of the participants’ results.  In our experience, a higher CAMMI Score correlates to higher growth rates.  The purpose of the CAMMI Score is to provide one summarized score so an organization can get a big picture perspective of their overall maturity and alignment based on the CAMMI Model. The CAMMI Score allows organizations to compare their results to those of their peers, competitors and other organizations.

Details of the CAMMI Score:

  • Delivers a single score between 256 and 1280
  • Calculated using a proprietary model and unique algorithm that considers all of the capabilities that lead to market success.
  • Provides time-based comparisons to track improvement.
  • Allows for benchmark comparisons to other organizations.
  • Demonstrates a proven correlation between the score and overall market effectiveness and revenue growth.