CAMMI Model and Framework

CAMMI_Logic_Category_WheelThe CAMMI Model is designed for organizations managing larger, more complex customer selling and servicing relationships with meaningful lifetime value. It provides the structure organizations require to manage their capabilities in alignment with customer needs. Our model includes the elements necessary to maximize performance in business development.

The outer wheel contains the categories of capabilities that are explained in the rest of this document. Each category contains two objectives and each objective includes two capabilities; one relates to effectiveness and the other relates to efficiency.

Capability maturity is a constant throughout the CAMMI Model and Framework. The concept of capability maturity is documented in several different ways; varying definitions can be found on numerous web sites. We adopted this concept because it is relatively easy to understand without creating too many levels to consider when evaluating an organization’s capabilities. Our results have shown that higher levels of maturity lead to improved results for an organization.

Our model is based on balancing capability maturity throughout the organization. Organizations that emphasize certain capabilities and attempt to drive the maturity of one or just a few capabilities to a very mature level are likely wasting some of their efforts. The best approach is a balanced approach where the focus is on improving the least mature capabilities because they are most likely limiting the organization and preventing it from realizing its potential.